The iTech Squad

Providing an adequate level of technical support for meeting staff and student technology needs can be challenging as well as expensive. The iTech Squad is designed to allow students to aid other students and staff members with diagnosing, fixing, and troubleshooting technology-related issues. Student responsibilities will differ depending on the skill sets required level I will deal with basic setup and troubleshooting, level II will deal with more complex issues, and level III will assist teachers in creating content .The iTech Squad will have close staff support and supervision. In addition to direct instruction from teachers, learning from peers, and/or completing formal training modules, students also learn to seek out solutions to problems using methods that are not typically used in a traditional K-12 setting, such as using threaded discussion boards, apps, wikis, blogs, and other Web 2.0 tools.

Students working on the iTech Squad have a unique opportunity to shift their learning environment. This shift occurs as the students acquire specific knowledge and skills, and then applying those skills in a meaningful way. The logical and sequential process of technology troubleshooting reinforces specific analytical and critical thinking skills that are often difficult to engage in during instruction for core content areas. Essentially, iTech Squad members get to explore a new area of potential success for acquiring thinking skills. 

The iTech Squad will provide an excellent opportunity for real-world experience within a traditional education setting and provides another opportunity for our school to prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges.