We felt that it was vital to give a glimpse to each of our teachers what the iPad could mean for them in the classroom but in a very personal way. A class set of iPod Touch were purchased along with a teacher iPad which allowed our Executive Director of Technology to work one on one with each faculty member and assist in finding ways to integrate the technology into their existing lessons.

The process began with a planning session which usually took place during a 90 or 40 minute planning period, the lesson plans for the following week were discussed and the teacher is given a look into the App Store and how to frame searches properly. From there a relevant app or web resource is selected that enhances the lesson and a solid plan of action is formulated. The following week the teacher is assisted in executing the digital lesson and a post trial reflection discussing general observations, recommendations, and questions is held in order to better plan for the individual teachers needs for professional development during the first year.

iPod Touch Trials - Phase 3